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A gorgeous adjustable 18.5 inch to 20.5 inch Sodalite Necklace with Lava Stones and Hemitate. A great addition to when working around electronics as it clears EMF pollution.

Sodalite Healing Energy

Encourages you to remain true to yourself & stand up for your beliefs

Excellent stone for deepening meditation

Wonderful for emotional balance, calms an overactive mind,eliminates mental confusion 

Promotes self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust

Healing stone for your Throat Chakra (5th Chakra)

Volcanic Lava Healing Energy

❤️Stone of strength, courage and resilience

❤️ Encourages stability when facing difficult situations

❤️ Wonderful for calming your emotions & bringing emotional balance

❤️ Helps you to feel grounded & "rooted" to the earth 

❤️ Healing stone for your Root Chakra (1st Chakra) and Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra