Rhodochrosite & Rose Quartz

Rhodochrosite & Rose Quartz

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A gorgeous combination which helps open one’s self to love, trust, compassion and healing. This is a terrific combination whether you want positive energy for working on yourself or a relationship. 

Due to the adjustable chain length is 17 inches - 23 inches. 

Rhodochrosite (Opaque Pinks)

 ❤️A premier stone for relationships of all kinds, as it imparts selfless love and compassion,

 ❤️Terrific for helping you work through past traumas, as it gently brings repressed feelings to the surface

 ❤️Helps you to confront irrational fears and see things in a positive light

 ❤️Wonderful for helping to increase self-worth and soothe emotional stress

 ❤️Helps to relieve asthma and other respiratory issues

 ❤️Relieves migraines by helping to dilate blood vessels (place on top of spine) 

Rose Quartz (Light translucent pink)

Encourages love, trust and forgiveness of yourself.                      ❤️  Opens your heart to share and receive love, compassion and kindness
Encourages unconditional love and trust in your relationships Healing stone for your Heart Chakra (4th Chakra)  

All bracelets are made by me or my son with compassion, healing and loving intentions and then cleansed and charged making it ready to wear. Each piece comes with its own information card. We use the strongest elastic on the market, which is also latex free. If your bracelet should break in the first year, please contact me and I will fix it free of charge.