New Beginnings for Men

New Beginnings for Men

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A colourful combination for starting a new year or a new chapter in your life.
Vibrant Chrysocolla helps you reflect on: what is right and wrong for you, your strengths and weaknesses and assists you in making clear choices.
Wonderfulgrounding Onyxcan absorb negative traces from the past year/last chapter

Moonstone focuses your mind on opportunities ahead and helps you to embrace them with optimism.

Uplifting Sunstone eases anxiety, brightening your outlook. It is also a stone of good luck.

Protective Bronziteencourages us to decide what is best for us in our lives and follow throughwith action.

You may wish to include Malachite, the stone of transformation, which encourages risk-taking, change, and emotional healing. However some people find its energy uncomfortable as it draws out deep feelings, going to the core, to help one move on.

All bracelets are made by me or my son with compassion, healing and loving intentions and then cleansed and charged making it ready to wear. Each piece comes with its own information card. We use the strongest elastic on the market, which is also latex free. If your bracelet should break in the first year, please contact me and I will fix it free of charge.