Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

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A wonderful combination for the heart chakra which helps increase confidence, self-love, compassion for ones self and others. Very helpful for people who feel/are bullied. 

Rose Quartz (Light translucent pink)

Encourages love, trust and forgiveness of yourself

Opens your heart to share and receive love, compassion and kindness

 Healing stone for your Heart Chakra (4th Chakra)


☯️ A terrific stone for happiness, friendship and prosperity

☯️ Wonderful for cleansing negative thoughts and soothing the mind

☯️  Stimulates ideas and make tasks seem less complex

☯️ Encourages you to be true to yourself and reach your spiritual potential

☯️ A protective stone that keeps the wearer from harm, terrific when travelling 

Green Aventurine Healing Energy

Wonderful stone for healing & energizing the heart

Encourages new growth & letting go of old habits

Inspires feelings of optimism, joy and hope

Encourages perseverance in difficult situations

Healing stone for your Heart Chakra (4th Chakra)

All products are made by me or my son with compassion, healing and loving intentions and then cleansed and charged making it ready to wear. Each piece comes with its own information card.