Energy and Happiness

Energy and Happiness

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 Bring the energy of the sun and the forest to your day with the gorgeous aroma of Cedar. Powerful combination to bring success to your day by increasing concentration, will power, energy, confidence, creativity while attracting happiness and abundance.

Citrine (yellow)
☀️Is a warming, energizing and highly creative stone
☀️Terrific at protecting the aura from negativity
☀️wonderful for attracting happiness, abundance and success
☀️Activates creativity, self-expression and improves motivation
☀️Helps you overcome difficulties when verbalizing thoughts and feelings

Hematite (Metallic Black)
❤ Powerful stone of grounding and protection
❤ Boosts self-esteem, enhances willpower & builds confidence
❤ Excellent for treating addictions (i.e. overeating, smoking)
❤ Stimulates concentration and sharpens focus
Healing stone for your Root Chakra (1st Chakra)

Cedar wood (smells absolutely wonderfully woodsy)

🌿Used for influence and purification. 

🌿Strengthens psychic power and is often a tool for healing. 

🌿Cedar is naturally resistant to pestilence and decay.  

🌿Aromatic Cedar is associated with wisdom and strength. 

All bracelets are made by me or my son with compassion, healing and loving intentions and then cleansed and charged making it ready to wear. Each piece comes with its own information card. We use the strongest elastic on the market, which is also latex free. If your bracelet should break in the first sixth months, please contact me and I will fix it free of charge.  💕

To keep your bracelet in tip-top shape:
-roll the beads over your wrist, starting at your fingertips, stretching the elastic as little as possible. 
-remove when putting on lotions/sunscreen or cologne 
-remove when in salt water or water with a high chlorine content (swimming pools)