Gemstone Information and Reference Guide

What I love the most about gemstones - You can't chose the wrong crystal. Even if you know absolutely nothing about crystals your body will know EXACTLY want you need. If you are drawn to something, trust yourself there is a reason you need the energy the crystal brings. 

How to Cleanse 

There are many different ways to cleanse your jewellery or gemstones. It is very important that you always cleanse ANY type of jewellery before wearing.  There are some very simple and quick techniques and some that take more time. You will find which method feels right for you, you just have to trust your intuition. 

1. Water

Water neutralizes the negative energy stored in the stone and directs it back to the earth. Rinse and stimulate your stones with water by placing it directly under natural rainfall for 4-5 minutes or in a river. If it’s a dry season or winter, you can also place your stones under a faucet. 

 Important to note: Not all stones love water, a few like Selenite will actually start to dissolve. Before using this method double check your stone likes water. If you bought your stone through me, I will always inform you when NOT to use this method.

2. Sunshine

Sunlight and moonlight can charge and clean your gemstone. I am a sun lover and therefore love to leave my stones in direct sunlight for a few minutes. Other people love the moonlight and find this is the best way to go. 

 Important to note: Moonlight is a more delicate (and non color-altering) method that is especially effective with a full moon, because it’s at its brightest and full potential, increasing the stone’s vibrations.

3. Smudging

You can use fire or smoke to cleanse your stones, by quickly burning your stones or smudging. Direct fire immediately burns away any negative energy and is done in a matter of seconds over a candle. Smudging can be done with Sage Sticks, Palo Santo, or commercial incense like sandalwood or cedar which is known to remove negativity. Wave your stone over your smoke source for 20-30 seconds to cleanse it while simultaneously purifying your home.

4. Other Stones

Certain crystals and clusters (like Quartz or Amethyst) have the ability to absorb and regenerate other stones. One of the most popular cleansing crystals that can purify gemstones of their  is selenite. To cleanse your stones, lay them on selenite for at least six hours (but the longer the better). Selenite and clear quartz clusters actually amplify the energy of your other stones. They have the ability to absorb, neutralize and then recharge your stones with higher vibrations.

5.  Meditation

Yes, you can meditate your way to cleansed stones! There are ways to clean and meditate with your gemstones at the same time. You can balance your own energies during meditation by blowing balanced breath onto your jewels. It’s important to state an intention so you can refuel your gemstone after you clean it. If you practice this form of crystal cleansing regularly, it will come naturally, and the calmness of your being will allow for true stone sterilization.
Important to note: Do not do this in vain. Make sure you practice this with relaxed and true meditation. A double whammy is to do a meditation-cleanse during a full moon!

How Gemstones Work

The quick explanation: All things are made of atoms, which vibrate at different speeds and frequencies. You may recall learning in school how atoms in solids vibrate slower than atoms in gases. Well each gemstone or wood are made of different atoms and like us, each vibrate at different speeds and frequencies. Some stones will vibrate at a frequency similar to your body's and therefore will not effect your energy as much as a stone vibrating at a lower or higher frequency. 

Lava Stones for Aromatherapy 

Due to it’s porous nature, lava stone is a wonderful vessel for diffusing essential oils. To use, place your lava stone(s) on a cloth or paper towel and apply a few drops of your essential oils. Let the oils soak in a bit before wearing, rubbing them in with your finger will help this along. The scent will wear off naturally, depending on the oils used. They usually last for a good portion of the day! There isn't a "number of hours" guarantee with natural stones, so please add oils as needed!





Resources We Love


This is an absolutely fabulous book for children! It is a wonderful way to introduce the "power" of stones in easy to understand language.